Hookers Masquerade Ball

Pretend Pimps Players and Hos be ready to enjoy the 2016 Hookers Masquerade Ball on April 16, 2016

Please understand that the Hookers Masquerade Ball is a private Pimp & Ho theme costume party.

Ball attendees must be 21. YOU MUST BE DRESSED in theme attire to attend.

Invited Couples are welcome. Invited Ladies will be allowed to bring one male guest OR multiple female guests.

Invited single Male guests will need to bring a “Ho” in tow...in other words NO SINGLE MALES WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE DOOR.

Go to the Hookers Masquerade Ball Facebook page for the latest information and details.
INFO on FaceBook - Hookers Masquerade Ball

If you don’t have Facebook email PimpDaddy@hookersball.info for information.